Unlimited innovation Unlimited Innovation

Who we are Who we are

We are a vertically integrated leading manufacturer of elastics and related products. For more than 25 years our company has operated from its plant facility located in Guatemala, Central America.

We are one of the largest producers of elastics in Central America and one of the most important ones in Latin America. Our facility, 200,000 square feet, is equipped with the most modern European and American machinery.

We start from the twisting and conditioning of the yarn followed by each of our production processes: winding, knitting, weaving, braiding, dyeing (continuous and package dyeing), printing, silicone application, and packaging.

Mission, vision, values Mission, vision, values

Our Mission: Create value for our customers through world-class elastic tapes and reliable on-time deliveries, along with continuous improvement of all our processes.

Our Vision: Become the most recognized, worldwide, sustainable producer of elastic tapes for our innovation, excellence, and quality.

Our Values:

  • Excellence and Passion: in everyday work
  • Integrity and Honesty: with our customers and within our organization.
  • Responsibility: with our customers, employees, and environment.

Awards Awards

On its 25 year history, ELTITEX, has been attributed with awards like:

  • CBI Regional Development Award 2004
  • Annual Export Award 2004
  • CAFTA Regional Development Award 2008
  • Nominated award for productivity and competitiveness Ricardo Castillo Sinibaldi 2012 by INTECAP.

The Team The Team

We encourage teamwork, growth, and professional development. We like to provide solutions to our customers at all time.

Our team of passionate, hard working, and creative individuals is ELTITEX engine.

Quality assurance Quality assurance

Committed with our customers, we provide them with products of the highest quality standards.

Our QUALITY COMPLIANCE LABORATORY is one of the most modern in the region. All our products are tested before they are dispatched to our customer, fulfilling international standards.

Our laboratory tests are evaluated under the norms:

  • ISO
  • ASTM

Our products Our products

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Exports Exports

We export to more than 30 countries and daily to Central America.

Green Eltitex Green Eltitex

ELTITEX is an environment friendly company. Our values reflect the commitment, consciousness, and responsibility that we have towards the environment in everything we do.

We understand the importance of sustainable technologies, which assures our company a more efficient and cleaner production. Eltitex has a water waste and recovery treatment plant, as well as a biomass boiler, both preventing harmful impacts to the environment.


Social Responsibility Social responsibility


As a company, we look further than the basic needs of our workforce, empowering them with professional guidance from the best technicians around the world. We enable our workers to explode their full potential, by providing them with the best knowledge and machinery of the industry.

We care for our workers health and emotional stability. First-class facilities and an onsite medical clinic are available 24 hours. We support and encourage them into extracurricular activities, in order to maintain their mental and physical well-being.

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PBX: (502) 2463-1300
Address: 37 calle 18-65 zona 12
Guatemala, Central America

Claudia Córdova
Sales Manager

María José Porres
Senior Business Developer

Astrid Ortiz
Sales Assistant